Occasionally the only way to meet a deadline is airfreight.  When it is absolutely critical to arrive on time, the professional coordinators in Time’s Air/Expedited Division understand both the value and liability.  They take every step – confirmation of pick up, terminal drop, confirmed piece counts, confirming on board, recovery from airline, out for delivery and Proof of Delivery.  We ensure all information proactively available to you via the “Automated Driver Status Checks” email.  Time’s goal – provide on time accuracy and client’s peace of mind under extreme stress.


  • Next Flight Out
  • Next Day
  • 2nd Day
  • Deferred

*All above services available with exact or by time


Hot Shot/Team Drivers

Time is money.  When you don’t have the money to risk shipping air freight (TSA changing guidelines, bumped freight, missed connections, and reduced cargo resources for oversize air freight).  We have the solution.  If possible, leave the freight on the ground.  Our vast network of carriers or our own, drive straight through to destination with team drivers.   We ensure clients the benefit of always knowing the exact location, distance to destination, and delivery time, all without the concern of airline error.

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